Dashboard Ventures creates revenue traction for early stage companies. We have a unique, proven approach which engages the marketplace and creates momentum among customers, partners and the media.


Entrepreneurs with a technology focus typically raise funding for a new product or service. They quickly turn to engage the marketplace without the expertise and experience to do this effectively. The risks are substantial as first impressions are being formed and high potential opportunities explored. Startups rarely get a second chance.

Issues include:

  • Unclear positioning which focuses on how it works, not what the benefit is
  • Vague packaging of the product and price which freezes a customer decision
  • Product driven selling not focused on customer needs and not listening to feedback
  • Pursing all partnerships, not prioritizing the most beneficial ones
  • Ad agencies and PR firms which are expensive and do not deliver results


Dashboard Ventures provides a simultaneous jolt of Marketing, Sales and Business Development to jump-start momentum:

  • We sharpen the positioning and message with a clear and powerful benefit
  • Develop a concise sales presentation which builds a convincing story
  • Use our network to go into the marketplace and meet with customers and partners
  • Create visibility in the press


  • Creates faster revenue traction and momentum in the marketplace
  • Minimizes fixed costs
  • Replaces the need for an Ad agency and PR firm which are not effective with early stage firms
  • Makes it easier to attract A level talent in the future